Privacy policy

Privacy policy


     1. General information

We take great care of protecting your personal data and processing it in accordance with the applicable law, in particular in accordance with the General Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data  of  27 April 2016 („RODO”). Our purpose is to give you full information and control in regard to the scope of our processing of your personal data and providing you with the tools allowing you to use your rights as prescribed by the law.

Beneath we provide information on how we use, protect and whom we make your personal data available to.


    2. The administrator of personal data (further referred to as Administrator) is the FOUNDATION FOR THE SUPPORT OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCERS with its seat in Warsaw, Street Świętokrzyska 30, registered in the Associations Register, number KRS 0000708226, whose registry acts are held by the District Court for  Warsaw,  Street Czerniakowska 100, 00-454 Warsaw, XIV Economic Department of the National Court Register, Fiscal identification number (NIP): 5252732277, National Official Register of Business Entities (REGON): 368946338 email address: as understood under theRegulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation (further referred to as RODO ) in regard to the personal data of Users being natural persons. This means that the Administrator establishes the aims and ways of processing Users personal data and is responsible for it.

    3. Personal Data Inspector

Contact with our Personal Data Inspector:


Personal Data Inspector

Street Świętokrzyska 30

00-116 Warsaw

     4 .The Personal Data processed and collected through the Online classified ads portal AGRO-Market24 (further referred to as IPO) available at the internet address ,  or

as well as through connected services and tools used by the Users to perform actions such as Registration, viewing full advertisement lists, posting advertisements, contacting chosen potential business partners, using the Messenger and placing orders while using IPO by the User.


     5. Personal Data is processed in according with  art.6 point 1 letter a) RODO

The Administrator processes the Personal Data of the person, whom it concerns for the following purposes:

     a) The adequate fulfillment of the concluded agreement,

     b )Telephone or e-mail contact with the person completing the contact form, registering as a user or completing the profile data on the web page:,,

     c) Marketing within the scope permitted by law

    6.  The registration in IPO requires consent of the User to the processing of his Personal Data in the scope and for the purpose necessary to use the services provided by the Administrator, including sharing the Personal Data with third parties, with whose cooperation it provides services and sharing that Data is necessary for the correct provision of the service. The consent is given by ticking a box available on the website.

    7.  The Administrator processes the following Personal Data necessary for providing the services by electronic means and fulfilling the contract:

     a) Name and surname; b. place of residence (address); c. address for correspondence, if it is different to the one given in point b.; d) electronic address (email); e. username; f) job position; g) place of employment; i) profession; j) geographical location; k) technical details of the device used to access the Account; l) information about the internet connection and/or network (including the IP address); m) mobile device ID; n) type of operational system; o) browser type or other software, equipment data and other technical details supplied by the browser; p) data regarding the time and way of use of the account; r) advertisement history and chosen links; s) preferences and choices such as for instance subscriptions; t) preferred language and currency;

Furthermore, due to the character of the service and laws in force, the Administrator processes the following data, necessary to provide services by electronic means and fulfill the agreement correctly:

a)     Phone number;

b)    Fiscal Identification Number (NIP).


      8 .In order to fulfill the contract and complete the order correctly, the Administrator may share personal data with data recipients especially the post operator, delivery company or payment operator, subjects providing accounting and legal services, marketing agencies (in the scope of marketing services) and related entities including companies from his capital group. In the remaining scope personal data may only be disclosed in cases stated by the law or by receiving consent. IPO reserves the right to disclose information about the User to adequate institutions or third parties, that will request such information within the boundaries of the law in force, as well as for establishing, investigating and defense from filed claims.

     9.  By using IPO the User agrees to the registration of cookie files or other similar technologies (more information on cookies:

The consent is given by pressing information on cookies at the bottom of the page.

     10. Every person whose data is being processed by the Administrator, has the right to access their data and the right to correct, complete, update, rectify and request the  erasure  of personal data concerning him or her. For this purpose it is necessary to contact the data administrator (contact data is provided in point.1)

     11. Providing personal data is voluntary. Failure to provide personal data or their erasure at the Users request may impede the use of services offered by the Administrator in the  scope in which the data is necessary for the correct provision of these services.

     12. The Administrator processes and secures the personal data in accordance with RODO. In order to prevent the acquisition and modification of personal data sent by electronic means, by unauthorized third parties, the connection with the platform,,  is coded using TLS 1.2.

     13. Processing personal data for purposes other than those listed in point 4 will be permitted after receiving a separate consent.

     14. The User can file a complaint to the Head of the Personal Data Protection Office („PUODO”) when the processing of the Personal Data of the User doesn’t lie in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.

     15.   Providing Personal Data is voluntary, however it is a necessary contractual condition to use the services provided by IPO. As a consequence, refusal to give consent to process Personal Data of the User by IPO will result in being unable to use the services provided by IPO within the scope of adding advertisements.

     16. All personal data provided by the User and stored by the Administrator within the scope of offered services is not visible to other Users.

     17. The Administrator is not responsible for the consequences of providing the Users personal data to third parties if the User independently gave it to other Users.

     18. Provided the Users consent, the Administrator is authorized to  send commercial information to the Users email address or telephone number given during registration as stated in the Law from the 18th of July 2002 about the provision of services by electronic means (Dz. U. from 2013, pos. 1422 with changes.). Sending commercial information is only allowed having received the Users consent in a way stated on the shops website. The consent is given by ticking the box available on IPOs website. The User has the right to revoke his consent for sending commercial information by the Administrator, described in this point. For this purpose an adequate request must be sent to the address or email stated in point 1.

     19. The IPO will provide the newsletter service to people who have provided their email for this purpose. Sending information through the newsletter may only happen if the User has previously given his consent in the way outlined on the website of the platform. The consent is given by pressing the checkbox available on the IPO website.

     20. Providing personal data is voluntary but it is necessary to provide the newsletter service. Failing to provide the data or requesting the erasure of the data will result in the lack of possibility of sending it. The following personal data is processed as part of the newsletter service: a) username, b) email address.

     21.The legal basis for providing the newsletter service is the data processing  consent given by the User ( art. 6 point 1 letter a) of the Regulation)

     22. The Administrator may change the following Privacy Policy at any time. The User will be informed about any Privacy Policy changes through the website, by electronic means using the provided email or during login. The User whose data is being processed, has the right to object to processing of personal data concerning him or her following the rules defined by the changed Privacy Policy.

     23. The Personal Data of the User is processed throughout the existence of the Account and is erased without delay in case of the Account removal. The period of data processing may be extended in case data processing is necessary to establish, investigate or defend from claims in judicial, administrative or other non-judicial proceedings or by request of competent government institutions, and after this period only in the scope and in cases, stated by legal regulations. After the expiration of this period the data is irrevocably erased.

     24. Changes to the Privacy Policy come into force on the 25th of May 2018. The declaration of no consent may be given in writing and sent to the address of the Foundation via traditional post or electronic post to the address Please provide the email address which you used to register your user account in your declaration. Having received the above mentioned declaration of no consent to the new terms of use your account will be removed.

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