Terms and conditions

Online classified ads portal AGRO-Market24

Terms and conditions


The terms and conditions define:

*the rules of use of the Portal

*the type and range of services offered by electronic means

*the price

*complaint procedure

*ways of ending a contract


The owner and Administrator, entitled under intellectual property law to OCAP and to the internet format of the Online classified ads portal AGRO-Market24 is:

Foundation for the Support of Agricultural Producers

ul. Swietokrzyska 30, 00-116 Warszawa

KRS 0000708226, REGON 368946338, NIP 5252732277

email address: fundacjawsparcia.pr@gmail.com


Glossary of terms used in the Terms and conditions

[“Service provider”]   Foundation for the Support of Agricultural Producers

[“User”] the recipient of services (Customer)- physical person, legal entity or organizational unit without legal personality, which uses the services offered by OCAP  through electronic means.

[“Administrator”] Service provider or another physical person or legal entity, empowered by the Service provider to act in his name while operating OCAP.

[“Terms and conditions”] the following Terms and conditions defining the terms of use of OCAP.

[“OCAP” or “AGRO-MARKET24”] Online classified ads portal  AGRO-Market24.

[“Messenger”] a tool used to communicate between Users.

[“Advertisements list”] list and content of currently published classified advertisements.


     1. The purpose of AGRO-Market24 is to create an online, 24 hour marketplace, meaning an internet exchange of polish and foreign agricultural products and fruits.

     2. OCAP is available at the internet address www.agro-market24.pl , www.agro-market24.eu , www.agro-market24.com via internet. The browser used by the User must allow the use of “Cookie” files.

     3. The User is obliged to use OCAP according to its purpose and to respect the rules indicated in Law from the 18th of July 2002 on providing services by electronic means (Dz.U. 2002 nr 144 pos. 1204 with changes). It is prohibited  to send unrequested commercial information via OCAP.

     4. The provision of services through OCAP via electronic means is governed by Polish law.

     5. Having User status is required to: view the list of classified advertisements with the possibility of access to detailed information on the sale/purchase offer and information about the seller/buyer, post classified advertisements and remove them, use messenger, place orders, make complaints in accordance with the complaint procedure and carry out other functions included in the Terms and conditions of OCAP necessary for its adequate functioning and in compliance with the applicable law.

     6. For information and advertisement purposes of the Service provider any person not having User status, may view classified advertisements lists, without access to contact details of the seller/buyer.

     7. The Terms and conditions is not a OCAP User’s manual. To carry out these functions the User’s intuition and basic knowledge of computer and internet use is sufficient.

     8. {Range of services} The Service Provider offers the Users information and classified advertisement services, via the online classified ads portal: “AGRO MARKET24” by gathering and publishing such advertisements and providing the User with tools necessary to carry out further commercial activities. The goal, that the Service provider wants to attain is to show potential buyers, through published classified advertisements, agricultural, horticultural and other natural products offered by producers, wholesalers and intermediaries. The Service provider makes available certain tools to allow the creation of commercial relations, also by placing direct orders between the Users. The Service provider does not participate in the finalization of these orders and is not liable for the effectiveness of a placed order and its correct execution.

     9. In order to contact OCAP,  a person without User status must indicate the minimum personal data marked with a red star when filling out the contact form.

  10. {User Status} In order to become a User of AGRO-MARKET24, and acquire the possibility to use OCAP by:

*browsing classified advertisement lists in their full scope

*posting classified advertisements

*contacting potential contractors chosen by the User, using messenger

*placing orders


it is necessary to register, meaning to create your own, unique account, indicating your name, phone number or e-mail address and choosing an individual,  undisclosed password in order to log into OCAP. When a service is paid, failure to make a payment will deactivate the account in that scope.


Registration is also possible by posting a classified advertisement  and accepting the Terms and Conditions. A unique User account  with an individual, undisclosed password will be automatically created . The User will be able to change the password.

  11. A legal person or organizational unit without legal personality may be registered as a User by a person entered in an adequate register as empowered to represent it.

  12. The User may disclose data on his account when creating a User profile.

  13. {Classified advertisements} In order to post a classified advertisement the User must fill out an advertisement form and include at least the minimum information marked with a red star.  The content of the classified advertisement may not violate the law or accepted principles of morality, especially commercial customs.

  14. The User decides on the content of the classified advertisement and is responsible for it. This rule is applicable both to paid and free classified advertisements. In particular, the Administrator is not responsible for the conformity of goods with the description provided by the User.

  15. The advertisements may not be of a promotional or marketingnature unrelated to classified ads about agricultural products and fruits. In case of posting an advertisement of this nature, the User may be charged, independently from other consequences provided for by the Terms and conditions, with a contractual penalty of 1000,00 PLN.  Demanding a compensation higher than the value of the penalty clause is acceptable.

  16. The Administrator has the right to refuse posting, remove immediately or stop the editing of an advertisement if it violates the provisions of the Terms and conditions, applicable law, gives misleading information, contains traces of unfair competitive practices, violates accepted principles of morality, especially commercial customs, violates third party copyrights or other intellectual property, contains language commonly considered as offensive or is not a classified advertisement of a sale/purchase offer of polish and foreign agricultural products and fruits.

  17. The content of a classified advertisement does not, as a rule, constitute an offer as understood under art. 66 and 661 of the Polish Civil Code, unless the negotiating Users agree otherwise.

  18. The emission of the classified advertisement lasts at least 21 days, during which the User may independently remove the advertisement in a way defined by the Administrator. After the expiry of the above mentioned period the Advertisement may (doesn’t have to) be removed from the Service.

  19. {Price list} Services supplied by the Service provider may be subject to charge.  The price rates are regulated in Appendix number 3 to the Terms and conditions.

  20. Charging rules per package:

*In case of creating a package without specifying the range of services offered in the package, the package contains all offered services

*the package always indicates the payment and period of activation of an account

*the activation of an account begins on the first working day following the day of receiving the payment, unless a different date has been established

*the duration of the accounts activity may not be divided

*each User may only use the Starter package once


  21. The Terms and conditions, especially the rules of its application, are subject to Polish law even if the User is a foreigner.

  22. Local jurisdiction to seize cases concerning the disputes regarding the content and application of the Terms and conditions lies with the court in Warsaw.

  23. Only the User may terminate the contract by giving a notice via e-mail. The notice period is a month, effected at the end of the calendar month.

  24. In case of a serious breach of the Terms and conditions by a Party, the other party, after previously giving formal notice to stop the infraction and remove its consequences if these occurred, may within 7 days terminate the contract with immediate effect, informing about it via e-mail.

  25. The contract expires in the following cases: effective notice, termination with immediate effect or discontinuation of managing OCAP by the Service provider. The Service provider may also suspend, for a defined time, the activity of OCAP, without charge for this period.

  26. {Complaints} In case of failure to carry out or inadequate Service rendering by the Administrator, in breach of the Terms and conditions, the User has the right to submit a complaint directly to the Administrator.

  27. The administrator considers the submitted complaint without delay, not later than within 14 days from receiving the complaint. The User will be informed, via email about the way of resolving the complaint.

  28. {Protection of personal information and privacy policy} The rules of Protection of personal information and privacy policy in OCAP are found in appendix 2 to the Terms and conditions. Submitting personal information required to use OCAP is voluntary. Considering the nature of certain Services provided, failure to submit personal data, may result in the inability to use OCAP.

  29. The information administrator is the Administrator defined in the Terms and conditions.

  30. The administrator processes personal data only in order to provide services defined in the Terms and conditions.

  31. The Cookie Policy applicable to OCAP is found in appendix 1 to the Terms and conditions.

  32. Local jurisdiction to solve potential disputes between the Users and the Administrator, regarding the content and execution of the contract on the use of OCAP, lies with the court of the registered office of the Administrator.

  33. The User will be informed about any changes to the Terms and conditions, particularly those caused by changes in the use of OCAP, by posting the changes and a consolidated text of the Terms and conditions on the Services main page.  

  34. The Terms and conditions, with appendixes, are binding from the day of their publishing on the  web page www.agro-market24.pl, www.agro-market24.eu , www.agro-market24.com that is from the 10.09.2016, with further changes to the Terms and conditions and appendixes, from the day of their publication on the mentioned website. The price of the purchased service does not change until its rendered, and the rate of the purchased package is binding over the course of its execution.

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